Northern Michigan Association Of Western Horse Clubs


Annual Meeting will be held at Windsonnet Stables

November 8, 2014

Read the president’s letter for details

President’s Letter October 2014

Greetings NMAWHC’er’s,

Here we are and it is October already! The children are back in school and the equestrian teams are in the middle of their competitions.  Good luck to all the teams!  We are just beginning to wrap up another successful  N.M.A.W.H.C. year.  As most of us are gearing down from the horse show mode the N.M.A.W.H.C. board is gearing up for our year end activities and our 2015 show season!

We are making plans for our annual membership meeting. Please find attached to this email, a form to nominate board members and a bylaw change form. These will be due to Beth Friend by October 10, 2014 via email at bethmariefriend@yahoo.com.  Ballots with nominations and bylaw change submissions will then be voted on by the membership by survey monkey.  If you haven’t used survey monkey before it is an online survey program where we can plug in all the information to be voted on and you will just log on with a passcode to vote.   We will compile all the bylaw changes and nominations.  We will then call the nominees to see if they will accept the nominations.  This information will then be logged on an online ballot via survey monkey.  Of course we realize that we do have members that would rather vote with paper and pen and we will accommodate them as well.  The deadline to vote will be at/on our annual membership meeting November 8, 2014.

Our annual meeting will be held at Windsonnett Farm on Lake Ann Rd. in Interlochen on Saturday November 8, 2014. We will have a club trail ride, weather permitting,  beginning at 2:00 p.m. and a potluck dinner and membership meeting at 6:00 p.m. with music and a euchre tournament following!  We will have big prizes for the winning three teams.  Please see that attached photo of the euchre tournament prizes.  To assure that teams are random participants, we will draw a number to be paired with their partner.  We are brainstorming a card tournament for our younger players as well!

Hope Ann Smeltzer is busy at work putting together an N.M.A.W.H.C. Calendar again this year. She has sold enough space on the calendar to be able to offer a free calendar to everyone who renews their 2015 membership by or at our annual membership meeting on November 8, 2014.  These calendars will have all our approved show dates and club activities on them. This is a great incentive to get your membership paperwork taken care of early!  Thanks Hope Ann!

I would like to thank the membership for their patience with the year end point process. Travis Sievert has been hard at work on compiling the data needed to add the points. The board would like to shout out a big thank you to Mrs. Ginny Deisler for her time in helping Travis and N.M.A.W.H.C. in this process!  Points should be coming to you soon!

Sandy Jansen has been working hard on organizing the youth team. Right now it looks like we will have three or four team members represent N.M.A.W.H.C. at the MHSA all Breed youth show at MSU!  It is always a great time!  It is also a great opportunity to see different breeds show and there are a lot of vendors and puppies there as well!  This is the largest all breed youth show in the world and young people from all over the nation come to compete at this show!

I will be able to run for the office of President again for the 2015-2016 term. I would like to thank everyone on our N.M.A.W.H.C. board for all playing an important role to make the club function smoothly to free me up to focus on presidential duties (if I am reelected.) Cathy Browe and Cindy Gerou have volunteered and will be taking the lead on the “Fun” Fuzzy Feedback Show.  These ladies make a great team and they will put on a great show I’m sure.  Beth Friend has also volunteered to do a lot of the leg work and planning for the Perfect Pattern Clinic.  She has some great ideas in store so we are looking forward to a stellar clinic this year!  Thanks ladies!

If you or you know of someone who would like to serve on our N.M.A.W.H.C. board please nominate yourself or them! We need to have a full 12 member board to function well.  We have had a few people who have offered already to run for the board.  They are:  Pam Benton, Patti Breithaupt,  Allisa Forton and Kelly Leonard!  Thanks ladies! There is a lot of work involved in our month to month activities and many hands make the load lighter.  We have very hard working and dedicated board members now and we don’t want to them get burned out and leave the board.  There are so many members that I see that would make wonderful board members!  I hope to see a lot of nominations!  Just a reminder if you are not able to serve on the board we have a lot of volunteer opportunities that could provide a service opportunity without the 2 year commitment of being on the board…

Happy Trails… until we meet again!

Gerianne Street

President N.M.A.W.H.C.


We are in need of a Treasurer as our current treasurer has a son graduating this year and we all know how time consuming that can be:)  The new Treasurer would fulfill the current term of Beth and must know how to use QuickBooks and attend our monthly Board Meeting!  Please contact Gerianne, Sandra or Beth ASAP!!!




The Youth Team will be showing this Fall at the MHSA All Breed Youth Show which will be held from October 30 to November 2, 2014.

Our Esteemed Team Members This Year Are:

Molly Friend

Justin Jansen

Nick Musser

Paige Rosema

contact Mrs. Sandy Jansen, Youth Team Coordinator with any questions.


2014 N.M.A.W.H.C. Board Members

President: Gerianne Street

Vice-President: Sandra Stevens

Treasurer: Beth Friend

Secretary: Hope Ann Smeltzer

Board Members:

JoAnn Bohrer

Isaac Boyer

Cathy Browe

Cindy Gerou

Sandy Jansen

Travis Sievert

  Please be sure to thank all of these people, when you see them, for their desire to serve our club. Our Board is made up of volunteers spending their time to serve our club and to promote our mission statement.


It is the mission of NMAWHC to

aid and guide our members in

a cooperative joint effort

to provide a fun environment that foster 

advanced learning, promotes successful endeavors

and leads to the enjoyment of horses.






January 25 NMAWHC Awards Banquet at 2:00 p.m. Kingsley High School,

7475 Kingsley Rd., Kingsley, MI


April Perfect Pattern Clinic – Clinician: To Be Announced – Cedar Creek Crossing LLC, 5307 Hodge Road, Kingsley, MI

May  Fuzzy Feed Back Show – The Rocking Horse Arena, Kalkaska Fairgrounds, Kalkaska, MI

June  Wolverine Morgan Horse Association Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Traverse City, MI Double judged

June  Anna Bays Memorial Horse Show – Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Traverse City, MI

July  Anna Bays Memorial Horse Show – Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Traverse City, MI

July Michigan Great Lakes Quarter Horse Association 2nd Open Horse Show – Northern District Fairgrounds, Cadillac, MI

August   Northern District Fair Open Horse Show – Northern District Fairgrounds, Cadillac, MI

August Barn Fund-raiser Northwestern Michigan Fair, Traverse City, MI



The 2015 calendars will be a free bonus to anyone and everyone who has a paid membership by our 2015 Annual Membership meeting.  The Youth Team is selling 2015 NMAWHC Calendars this year as part of their fundraising. Many of the pictures from last summer are on the calendars along with the show dates that had been determined by the time of printing.  The calendars sell for $10.00 each.  Contact Hope Smeltzer to purchase one before they are gone.  You may contact her by email at hopeaqha@yahoo.com or by phone at 231-651-0705.





The evening was filled with a lot of laughter, good food, a rousing auction and fantastic awards.  While there were many awards given out, there were a few that were very special!

Another highlight to the evening was the Educational Scholarship Award.  The committee carefully reviewed the applications and we were pleased to announce that Andrew Deletka was this year’s recipient. Congratulations Andrew! We wish you the best!

Congratulations to all our competitors! Here are some of the highlights from that night.

Most improved rider: Lera Kelly

Groom of year: Sandra Jansen

Member of year: Sandra Stevens





New this year is our Walk/Trot Division. We are very excited about the opportunities this will bring. We will no longer have a Novice division. We will instead have a Wak trot 13 and Uner, Walk/Trot 13-19, and Walk/Trot 20 and Over. These will be buckle divisions, and horse and rider will accumulate year end points. Everyone is eligible to ride in the walk/trot as long as the same horse/rider combo that enters the Walk/trot does not go into an age division or open class. For example, A rider could ride a horse in walk/trot and then ride a DIFFERENT horse in their age group. Horses cannot jump from one to the other. We are hoping this new addition will help those who have graduated from the Novice division but needed a walk/trot class to ride new/young horses in.