Northern Michigan Association Of Western Horse Clubs



We are in need of a Treasurer as our current treasurer has a son graduating this year and we all know how time consuming that can be:)  The new Treasurer would fulfill the current term of Beth and must know how to use QuickBooks and attend our monthly Board Meeting!  Please contact Gerianne, Sandra or Beth ASAP!!!


Make sure that you renew your membership in a timely manner so you have all your show points’ count toward the year end awards and reap the many benefits of being a N.M.A.W.H.C. member. Remember that family memberships are for parents and their own children under the age of 18. Those over 18 will need their own memberships even if they live in the same household as their parents. Our 2014 Perfect Pattern Clinic at Cedar Creek Stables in Kingsley, MI that was held on April 26 was a lot of fun and informational. Our clinician for this western and reining event was Trevor Walton. Trevor is an accomplished reiner, trainer, judge and clinician with a great rapport with riders of all disciplines! Make sure you put the Spring Clinic on your calendar for next year April 25, 2015! We are looking forward to our next educational venue, The Fuzzy Feedback Show, coming up quickly this Saturday, May 31, 2014, 9:00 a.m. at The Rocking Horse Arena in Kalkaska, MI. Our clinician/judge will be Mr. Gordy Wadds. Mr. Wadds has a great rapport with horse and riders alike. He will be awarding some fun trophies and those beautiful bright colored ribbons to our riders. We will also have some great prizes to raffle off throughout the day. I personally am hoping to see some adults out there this weekend as well as our always excited young riders. This is not a clinic just for kids! I am taking stall reservations for both of the Anna Bays Shows: .June 28 & 29 and July 12 & 13. Please email me with your reservation at admin@tackbids.com. Please include with your stall reservation your horse’s name and a contact phone number for yourself. Check out our website and facebook for updates on our approved shows. We are very excited for this year’s series and the great Grand and Reserve awards we have for the series. We have beautiful Gist Buckles for the Grand Champions and very sharp ¾” felt pads with leather trim for our Reserve Champions.

I would like to revisit my goals this year as well:

Goal #1)  Nurture the rider/horse relationship


 A.)  Provide educational,  economical and safe activities for our participants

B.)  Instill feelings of autonomy in our riders (It isn’t about what you get it’s about how much you’ve grown.)

Goal #2)  Nurture Board/Member/Participants Relationships


 A.)  Be a safe and trusted sounding board for complaints, kudos and conflicts

B.)  Have more members attend board meetings

C.)   Encourage positive talk about members or other board members

D.)  Make membership a great payback

Goal #3)  Make our board meetings “fun.”


A.)  Board members will feel special and respected

B.)  Board meetings will be something we all look forward to attending and attendance will increase

C.) Work will become easier with understanding help from each other

D.) Responsibilities will be clearly defined and dealt out in an equitable way

I have some ideas up my sleeves to help me meet my goals, so hang on, smile, sit down and buck up!   We will see you all this spring and summer at the great events we have planned for the season!

I ran across something on fb that pretty much summed up how a child that is raised with horses in their lives is a better human being from the experience.  A Father’s Explanation of Why He Had Horses for His Children :  That URL is: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/A-Father-s-Explanation-of-Why-He-Had-Horses-for-His-Children-.html?soid=1111540182824&aid=B9TJxluLq4M  Please take the time to copy/paste and read this.  It will give you the fuel you might need to keep yourself or your child on the back of a horse.  The cost of keeping a horse, showing, traveling and time it takes is sometimes overwhelming, but the results are priceless.

As most of you have heard our equine community has lost a dear friend, Sue Booth, after a valiant battle with breast cancer. Sue’s wonderful work ethic and ability to make any situation positive and fun will be sorely missed. She was a ray of sunshine wherever she was. She loved children and they loved her! We all loved “Starfish Sue!” A memorial service for Sue Booth will be held on Saturday, May 31 @ 3:00 p.m. at the Kingsley Baptist Church, followed by a luncheon. Sincerely, Gerianne Street N.M.A.W.H.C. President





The Youth Team will be showing this Fall.  Kids make sure you get your volunteer hours in to be able to participate on the team  contact Mrs. Sandy Jansen, Youth Team Coordinator with any questions.


2014 N.M.A.W.H.C. Board Members

President: Gerianne Street

Vice-President: Sandra Stevens

Treasurer: Beth Friend

Secretary: Hope Ann Smeltzer

Board Members:

JoAnn Bohrer

Isaac Boyer

Cathy Browe

Cindy Gerou

Sandy Jansen

Travis Sievert

  Please be sure to thank all of these people, when you see them, for their desire to serve our club. Our Board is made up of volunteers spending their time to serve our club and to promote our mission statement.



It is the mission of NMAWHC to

aid and guide our members in

a cooperative joint effort

to provide a fun environment that foster 

advanced learning, promotes successful endeavors

and leads to the enjoyment of horses.




It’s show time!   

April 26 – 10:00 am  - Perfect Pattern Clinic – Clinician/ Trevor Walton – Cedar Creek Crossing LLC, 5307 Hodge Road, Kingsley, MI

May 31 – 9:00 am – Fuzzy Feed Back Show – The Rocking Horse Arena, Kalkaska Fairgrounds, Kalkaska, MI

June 21 & 22- 8:30 am Wolverine Morgan Horse Association Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Traverse City, MI Double judged

June 28 & 29 – 8:30 – Anna Bays Memorial Horse Show - Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Traverse City, MI

July 12 & 13 – 8:30 am - Anna Bays Memorial Horse Show - Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Traverse City, MI

July 20 & 21 - 9:00 am – Michigan Great Lakes Quarter Horse Association 2nd Open Horse Show - Northern District Fairgrounds, Cadillac, MI

August  -9   9:00 am - Northern District Fair Open Horse Show – Northern District Fairgrounds, Cadillac, MI

August 23-24 Barn Fund-raiser Northwestern Michigan Fair, Traverse City, MI



The Youth Team is selling 2014 NMAWHC Calendars this year as part of their fundraising. Many of the pictures from last summer are on the calendars along with the show dates that had been determined by the time of printing.  The calendars sell for $10.00 each.  If you didn’t pick one up at the banquet be sure to contact Hope Smeltzer to purchase one before they are gone.  You may contact her by email at hopeaqha@yahoo.com or by phone at 231-651-0705.




The evening was filled with a lot of laughter, good food, a rousing auction and fantastic awards.  While there were many awards given out, there were a few that were very special!

Another highlight to the evening was the Educational Scholarship Award.  The committee carefully reviewed the applications and we were pleased to announce that Andrew Deletka was this year’s recipient. Congratulations Andrew! We wish you the best!

Congratulations to all our competitors! Here are some of the highlights from that night.

Most improved rider: Lera Kelly

Groom of year: Sandra Jansen

Member of year: Sandra Stevens






New this year is our Walk/Trot Division. We are very excited about the opportunities this will bring. We will no longer have a Novice division. We will instead have a Wak trot 13 and Uner, Walk/Trot 13-19, and Walk/Trot 20 and Over. These will be buckle divisions, and horse and rider will accumulate year end points. Everyone is eligible to ride in the walk/trot as long as the same horse/rider combo that enters the Walk/trot does not go into an age division or open class. For example, A rider could ride a horse in walk/trot and then ride a DIFFERENT horse in their age group. Horses cannot jump from one to the other. We are hoping this new addition will help those who have graduated from the Novice division but needed a walk/trot class to ride new/young horses in.